Who We Are

Tamir Welfare Organization initiated a community development programme which is known as ‘Tamir Cheshire Community Programme’ (TCCP) supported by Leonard Cheshire International (LCI) U.K in the year 1998. In the year 2002 TCCP was funded by Community Fund UK to provide Community Based Services in the two selected slums and low income target areas of Faisalabad city. Faisalabad District having population 5.4 million consists of 6 Tehsils / Taluks namely: Faisalabad city, Faisalabad Sadar, Jaranwala, Samundri Chak Jhumra and Tandianwala.

Faisalabad city is industrial city and it is the third largest by population of Pakistan. Though the majority of the inhabitants are poor, unemployed or employed as wage earners or labourers, uneducated and unaware about their rights.

Other problems resulting from this situation include violence, drug and substance abuse, street children, etc. Lack of hygiene and basic health services may lead to higher risks of infections, ill health and disabilities with high rates of morbidity and mortality. Violence, especially towards vulnerable groups such as persons with disability, can be a serious problem.

Given all these conditions, it is difficult to visualize a “community” among the urban poor and slum dwellers. However, family members, friends, neighbours and concerned persons in the low-income and slum areas can constitute a first level of “community”. Although slum dwellers are usually seen as “receivers” of aid, they may still have their own resources and a willingness to help others who are even more vulnerable.

Problem Statement:

Historically, Rehabilitation Services in Pakistan are Institutional in nature, mostly urban based and financially difficult to sustain. Pakistan has a population of 114 million with approximately 10% of persons having various disabilities. According to census 1998, disability rate in Pakistan is 2.49% whereas it is vary in urban and rural areas 6% to 7% according to survey conducted by TCCP in the year 2001 in the selected areas of Faisalabad. Studies have proved that almost 75% of the disability emanate from rural areas. As Rehabilitation facilities are very few and concentrated in urban centers accessible only to small and privileged section of the society, most of the families with a disabled member in rural area do not get any kind of rehabilitation services. Hence we have adopted the strategy of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) of all persons with disabilities to reach out to the un-reached in rural areas.